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The W.A. Blue Gum 2012 Project


Please fax or scan the application forms prior to placing them in the post.

Fax: (03) 9642 4435

Once faxed or emailed, please post original applications to:

W.A. Blue Gum Limited
Level 21 385 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Chairman's Letter

"Dear Prospective Grower

You are invited to participate in the W.A. Blue Gum Project 2012.

The Project will be developed on land in the south-west of Western Australia, which the Project’s Independent Forestry Expert, Mr Don Spriggins, considers is very suitable for the Establishment of Blue Gum plantations.

The Directors have been successful in procuring an agreement with the very experienced and reputable company W.A. Chip & Pulp Co. Pty Ltd to Harvest and purchase the wood produced by the Project. W.A. Chip & Pulp Co. is owned by two extremely large Japanese companies, Marubeni Corporation and Nippon Paper Industries Co. The Marubeni Corporation Group owns and manages tree plantations in Western Australia on a large scale and, in the opinion of the Project Manager, is an industry leader in plantation establishment and management, log Harvesting and woodchipping. The Marubeni Group is one of the large Japanese Trading Houses. Nippon Paper is among the largest paper manufacturers in Japan, which itself is the second or third largest paper making country in the world.

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Cash Rebate 6.25%
Closing Date CLOSED
Minimum Investment $15,000 (ex GST)
Term of Project Approx. 10 years
Finance available Yes (refer PDS)
ATO Product Ruling 2012/22
Product Disclosure Statement
Adviser Edge Research

Every business, including agriculture, involves a degree of risk. The major risks identified by the Directors have been set out in this Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide (“PDS”). While the Directors have taken steps to reduce these risks or minimise the adverse impact of such risks in the structuring of the Project, by the terms of the contracts to be entered into and by utilising and consulting leaders in the forestry sector, this Project should be considered long term and speculative.

The Directors have paid careful regard to ASIC’s Regulatory Guides and to the stated objectives of the current product disclosure regime.

This PDS is divided into three parts. Part A of the PDS is a summary of the key features, rights and obligations of subscribing to the Project. Having regard to the complexity of the choice to invest and volume of relevant information, Part A attempts to provide a clear, concise and effective disclosure of the main features, rights and obligations. However, current market expectations of prospective Subscribers require significant detailed information to be provided to enable people to assess their participation in such products. Part B represents this extensive detailed information. Part C of this PDS is a Financial Services Guide which the Responsible Entity is required to provide to prospective Subscribers. All parts should be read in their entirety.

Please give the Project your most careful consideration.

Yours sincerely
A. H. May
W.A. Blue Gum Limited"

Uncomplicated Finance

All participating Growers may borrow up to 80% of the Application Money (including GST) from Albany Financial Pty Ltd, a company associated with the Project Manager. Amounts borrowed are to be repaid in equal monthly instalments (which include both principal and interest) by way of direct debit over the period ending on 15 June 2017. Each instalment is of both principal and interest. Interest is charged on the reducing principal at an indicative fixed rate of 12.75% per annum. There is no loan establishment fee payable in respect of this finance package. Growers will not be required to submit any financial information in order to obtain this finance. No security (other than a charge of the Grower's interest in the Project and the proceeds of sale of wood) will be required. Albany Financial Pty Ltd is entitled to pass on to a Grower the appropriate merchant's fee on the use of a credit card.

Growers will not be required to submit any financial information in order to obtain this finance. No security (other than a charge over the Grower's interest in the Project and the proceeds of sale of wood) will be required.

The outstanding principal may be repaid earlier at any time without penalty.