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Timbercorp (Single Payment) Timberlot Project

Timbercorp (Single Payment) Timberlot 2007-2008 Project
Cash Rebate 8.25%
Closing Date CLOSED
Minimum Investment $8,400 (ex GST)
Term of Project 9-13 years
Research AAG (693kb) 3 stars
ATO Product Ruling 2006/143
Telephone: 1800 628 188
Fax (Melbourne)

(03) 9670 4271

Fax (Perth)

(08) 9481 0582

Fax (Brisbane)

(07) 3510 9899

Fax (Sydney)

(02) 9223 1399

Fax (Adelaide)

(08) 8431 7995

Since 1992, Timbercorp has raised more than $1 billion in funds invested into agribusiness projects by more than 15,000 investors from around Australia.

Timbercorp currently manages:

more than 91,000 hectares of eucalypt plantations;
one of the world’s largest olive groves on a single site;
the largest single managed almond orchard estate in Australia;
1,250 hectares of citrus orchards;
412 hectares of table grape vineyards;
650 hectares of mangoes; and
950 hectares of avocados.

Timbercorp is an ASX/S&P 200 listed company with net assets in excess of $444 million at 30 September 2006. The Timbercorp group of companies has been established for 14 years and have built a strong financially sound business to ensure that they manage your investments throughout the project term. They are a market leader in agribusiness investment with a proven track record.

The 2007/2008 Timbercorp (Single Payment) Timberlot Project is an opportunity to participate in sustainable eucalypt plantation forestry to supply wood to the world’s fine quality paper-makers.

The Project gives you an environmentally friendly way to create income for the future and take advantage of tax benefits.

Interests in the 2007/2008 Timbercorp (Single Payment) Timberlot Project will only be issued on receipt of an application form attached to or accompanying the 2007/2008 Timbercorp (Single Payment) Timberlot Project Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) dated 5 December 2006. A copy of the PDS may be obtained by downloading a copy from this page.

Growers will be kept updated with developments concerning the Project, including developments in marketing, market trends, confirmation of the implementation of the Project as set out in the Product Rulings, and compliance with any relevant changes to the tax law.

Product Disclosure Statement PDS (4.40mb)
MultiChoice Application (217kb)
Loan Explanation Terms (140kb)
Finance Terms (35kb)
Loan Application Form (285kb)


A commercial investment in sustainable eucalypt plantation forestry with established end markets
100% tax deductible supported by ATO Product Ruling PR 2006/142
No ongoing annual costs other than insurance if choose to insure
Build wealth through after tax returns
8 – 12 year term
Flexible finance terms
Well established Project Managers with track record in delivering project returns
The use of best available high value species on forestry land

A well managed agribusiness venture is a specialised activity outside of the traditional investment classes. Undertaken on a large scale, it can provide attractive returns and form a valuable part of a diversified portfolio.

Timbercorp is one of Australia’s leading agribusiness investment manager. Timbercorp source, fund and manage high quality, large scale agribusiness projects for investors looking for superior returns and proven tax savings.

The 2007/2008 Timbercorp (Single Payment) Timberlot Project is an opportunity to participate in sustainable eucalypt plantation forestry to supply wood to the world’s fine quality paper-makers. The project gives you an environmentally friendly way to create income for the future and take advantage of tax benefits.


You will commence a plantation forestry business and become a grower of Eucalyptus globulus to supply wood fibre to established markets in paper manufacturing by:

leasing three or more identifiable allotments of land of approximately 1/3 of a hectare each, called Timberlots; and
engaging Timbercorp Securities Limited to establish and maintain a Tasmanian Bluegum plantation on your Timberlots. Timbercorp will then harvest and market your wood at the end of the 8-12 year term for the maximum price we can obtain.


Application Moneys: $3,080 (inclusive of $280 GST) per Timberlot

Annual Fees: There are no ongoing annual fees during the term of the project, other than insurance if you to choose to insure

Fees post harvest and sale: Following the harvest and sale of your wood, the following fees will be deducted from your proceeds:
a) your share of harvesting, processing, delivery and sale costs; and
b) an amount equal to 6.6% (inclusive of GST) of net proceeds for maintenance (3.3%) and rent (3.3%) during the term of the Project

Timbercorp's Project Investment Criteria

In choosing crops for projects, Timbercorp draws on almost two decades of experience in establishing some of Australia’s largest and most successful agribusiness projects. That experience has defined key selection attributes, essential when striving to deliver sound commercial returns. These attributes are all clearly present in the 2007/2008 Timbercorp (Single Payment) Timberlot Project.



1 Secure End Markets

Established sales channels in growing domestic or export markets and the availability of strong alliance partners with existing market relationships.

Global: 22.1m bone dry tonnes
Australian: 4.59m bone dry tonnes

Domestic (12%): pulpwood production
Export (88%): Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and China.

2 Strong Industry Fundamentals

Detailed analysis of global supply and demand fundamentals that indicate long-term strength in prices.

Demand is expected to exceed supply of hardwood chip for the foreseeable future, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, with rising paper consumption and continued restrictions on logging of native forests. China is emerging as a key market with its paper industry forecast to continue to boom over the next decade and beyond.

3 Project Management

Operational management by industry specialists with superior track records of performance.

Timbercorp Forestry is a wholly owned vertically integrated operation. It has eight years’ plantation management experience and a track record in delivering project returns.

4 Competitive Advantage

Large-scale projects in quality produce with enhanced technologies and sophisticated supply chains to deliver lower costs and marketing advantages.

Fully integrated wood fibre production with harvesting & infield processing equipment.

Excellent environmental credentials including accreditation of the internationally recognised and prestigious Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, ensuring a premium position in the global wood fibre market.

5 Location

Quality and quantity of suitable land with the right climate, soil, water and transport infrastructure.

Green Triangle (Vic/SA) and Albany (WA) regions

Acknowledged high rainfall areas suited to tree farming,
with close proximity to export facilities at deep-sea ports.


There are a range of factors that affect returns of agricultural projects, most of which are beyond Timbercorp's control. Accordingly, Timbercorp have elected not to provide forecast returns for the Project; nor have they provided an estimate of the total return on your investment.

For more information relating to the factors affecting the Project returns, please refer to the discussion set out in section 10 of the PDS. This information will provide you with sufficient material upon which you can make your own assessment of the merits of investing in this Project.


A Timberlot has an area of 0.33 hectares. On average each Timberlot is capable of producing 83.3 cubic metres of Wood in a single rotation. Your Timberlots will be located on forestry land that Timbercorp own or lease within 150km of Bunbury or Albany, Western Australia or 200km from Portland, western Victoria.

The development and harvesting of a Timberlot involves the following steps:

1 Site evaluation and planning
2 Land is prepared for planting
3 Seedlings are planted
4 Timberlots maintained over the life of the project
5 Trees felled, delimbed and debarked
6 Logs are extracted
7 Logs are chipped with in-field chipping system
8 Chips are transported to a receiving, stockpiling and loading facility at port prior to export


This document is a summary only. Please ensure you read the PDS in full before you decide whether to invest in the 2007/2008 Timbercorp (Single Payment) Timberlot Project. Product Ruling PR 2006/142 is only a ruling on the application of taxation law to the specific arrangements described in the Ruling as at the date the Ruling was issued and is in no way a guarantee or endorsement of the reasonableness or viability of the Project.

This document contains general financial product advice only and does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. Before investing you should assess the suitability of the investment to your needs, consider the PDS and consult an Australian Financial Services Licensee or other suitably qualified adviser if necessary.

No person or corporation associated with Timbercorp Securities Limited (AFSL 235653) or Timbercorp Limited guarantees, warrants or underwrites the performance of the 2007/2008 Timbercorp (Single Payment) Timberlot Project or any particular return.

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