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TFS Sandalwood 2013 Project

The TFS Sandalwood Project 2013 gives you the opportunity to grow your own Indian Sandalwood, a wood with strong demand and diminishing supply.

The project offers investors the following features:
  • Minimum investment of one twelfth of a hectare (1/12th Ha) with volume discounts available.
  • 100% upfront tax deduction for initial costs and contributions in subsequent years (Product Ruling 2012/29).
  • High value timber product – wild heartwood is sold at Indian auctions for an average price of approximately A$112,000 per tonne with a compounded price growth of 16.7% over 20 years.
  • Strong market dynamics – established demand, dwindling wild supplies.
  • Experienced forestry manager with an extensive team of forestry professionals.
  • Vertically integrated Sandalwood company – offering experience from plantation to product.
  • 12 Month Interest Free Loan option available – 20% deposit applicable.
  • Long Term Principal and Interest Loan option available.
  • Flexible investment options including Annual Investment Option and Annual Deferred Investment Option.

MIS Product Ruling for 2013

TFS Corporation Limited (TFS) is pleased to advise that the Product Ruling (PR 2012/29) for its 2013 MIS Project has been issued by the Australian Taxation Office.

The 2013 MIS Project will be the 15th successive Indian sandalwood project that TFS has launched. With a less competitive environment for MIS products and with TFS’ first harvest set to deliver proof of concept for TFS growers, TFS is expecting significantly improved MIS sales in 2013.

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TFS Sandalwood 2013 Project

Cash Rebate 4.00% 
Closing Date CLOSED
Minimum Investment $6,250 (ex GST)
Application Cost
per Lot (ex GST)
$6,250 (up to 11)
$6,000 (12 or more)
Term of Project Approx. 17 years
Finance available Yes
ATO Product Ruling 2012/29
Product Disclosure Statement
Shareholder Update 20Dec12
Adviser Edge Research
Investment Calculator

About TFS

TFS Corporation Ltd (ASX: TFC) is an owner and manager of Indian sandalwood plantations in northern Australia. As part of its vision to be a vertically integrated producer of finished sandalwood products, TFS owns a significant proportion of the plantations in its own right and in 2008 acquired Mount Romance Australia (Mount Romance), the Albany-based sandalwood processor and oil distributor.

TFS was founded in 1997 to exploit the success of government trials into the plantation growth of Indian sandalwood in the Ord River Irrigation Area (ORIA) of north-east Western Australia.

TFS’s first planting was in 1999 and it now manages the largest area of Indian sandalwood plantation in the world, with approximately 6,500 hectares planted. TFS plantations are managed on behalf of both retail and institutional investors.
TFS will be commencing the first commercial harvest of its Indian sandalwood plantations in 2013.

The company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in December 2004.

TFS is committed to adopting and maintaining the highest environmental and ethical standards in all aspects of its business. All plantations are grown on land that has previously been used for agricultural or horticultural production. As the first ORIA land owner to recycle its water, TFS was the winner of the 2006 State Regional Water Award. In 2011 TFS subsidiary Mount Romance was awarded the Platinum Award by the Water Corporation for its Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP).

In 2009, TFS entered the prestigious Forbes Asia Pacific's ‘Best Under a Billion’, which recognises the Top 200 companies from more than 25,326 publicly-listed firms in the Asia/Pacific region with revenue of less than US$1 billion.

About Indian Sandalwood

Indian sandalwood has a history as a tradeable commodity spanning thousands of years, but is now endangered due to the illegal harvest of wild trees throughout the world. As a result, Indian sandalwood is the world’s most expensive tropical hardwood and continues to increase in price each year. The price of its heartwood has risen at a compounded rate of over 16.7% per annum since 1990.

Indian sandalwood oil is a globally important ingredient in fine fragrances, cosmetics and toiletries, incense sticks, and for medicinal purposes (aromatherapy and Chinese medicine) and the wood is used for high quality carvings.

Indian sandalwood has a well entrenched market throughout the world, particularly in India and China, two of the fastest growing economies in the world.