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TFS Sandalwood 2012 Project


Please fax or scan the application forms prior to placing them in the post.

Fax: (08) 6389 1546

Once faxed or emailed, please post original applications to:

TFS Sandalwood 2012 Project
PO Box 3040 Broadway
Nedlands WA 6009

"With end of the 30th June falling on Saturday this year the TFS office will be open to accept applications and all of the State Managers and Reps will be available throughout the day to answer any questions that you may have regarding the project. Even at this late stage in the week, we are still receiving a strong flow of enquiries from Advisers and potential investors and we will provide support to them to ensure that they receive their Tax Deductions in this Financial Year."
TFS adviser communication Thu 28th June 2012

Investing with TFS

TFS is looking forward with excitement about its forthcoming 2012 Indian Sandalwood Retail Project. TFS intends to issue its Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) upon receiving an ATO Product Ruling and registration of the project with ASIC. An application has been lodged with the ATO and is being processed at present.

This year’s project has incorporated some new features that enhance investor’s interests in the project. This year’s project will have “ALL THE BOXES TICKED”.

Local TFS Representatives

To get more information on how TFS can help you with a tax effective solution before June 30, please contact a local representative as noted below:

Prue Bauer or 0400 075 554 for QLD / NSW
Michael Gershkov or 0438 776 666 for VIC / TAS
Neville Pollard or 0418 944 780 for SA / NSW / VIC
Doug Martens or 0422 984 785 for WA / NT

Current Quintis (formerly TFS) Projects
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Cash Rebate 4.00%
Closing Date CLOSED
Minimum Investment $6,250 (ex GST)
Application Cost
per Lot (ex GST)
$6,250 (up to 11)
$6,000 (12 or more)
Term of Project Approx. 15 years
Finance available Yes
ATO Product Ruling 2012/8
Product Disclosure Statement
Summary Brochure
AAG Research
Adviser Edge Research
Zenith Research Recommended
Arwon Finance Application
Finance Summary
Investment Calculator

Key features include:

The strength of TFS

TFS Confirms Long Term MIS Program

TFS is pleased to announce that it intends to offer a retail MIS Indian Sandalwood Project beyond 2012. Due to the failure of so many former peers in this sector TFS has committed considerable time and effort investigating the viability of the sector going forward. TFS is and will remain mindful of the rights and expectations of the individual growers and has addressed some of the real concerns of potential investors and their advisers by including more security for growers by adding the following enhancements to its 2012 Project:

Future projects will continue to offer these protection mechanisms and further enhancements will be considered when market conditions demand. TFS is committed to re-establishing credibility in the MIS sector.