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Agribusiness Commission Rebates

How Much Commission Is Rebated?
Each Product has a different structure. With all investments you make via 100PercentInvesting 100% of your funds are working for you from day one.

Payments are usually structured around 5% commission. 100PercentInvesting will usually rebate approximately 80% of the commission to provide you with one of the highest amounts available as cash back on your investment.

To check on the rebate or cash back amount payable for each investment go to agribusiness products.

Investing $60,000* (ex GST) into a project that is paying a 5% commission.

Amount Invested Commission Cash Back to You #
$60,000 4% $2,400

When is the rebate paid?
As soon as 100PercentInvesting receives the commission from the Fund Manager. This can take 4-6 weeks after your investment is accepted by them. As soon as we are paid by the product provider we will contact you to ask you how you would like your rebate to be paid.

 * Note with most projects you pay GST on the application amount. The rebate that is paid on your investment is paid on the GST exclusive amount of the investment.

 # In relation to the tax treatment of the cash rebate you receive, it is recommended that you seek advice from your tax adviser.