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Rewards Group Premium Vineyard Project 2009 (LATE GROWERS)

See for more information on Rewards Group Voluntary Administration
Rewards Group Premium Vineyard Project 2009 (Late Growers)
Cash Rebate 8.25%
Closing Date CLOSED
Minimum Investment $11,636.37 (ex GST)
Term of Project 20 years
Research   AAG 3 stars
ATO Product Ruling 2009/56

Rewards Group Premium Vineyard Project 2009

The Rewards Group Premium Vineyard Project 2009 offers investors the opportunity to participate in Australia's expanding domestic and international premium wine markets.

Premium quality wine grapes will be produced from the Project, including wine grapes from the varieties Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Pinot Gris, Verdelho, Cabernet Sauvignon and Gewurztraminer.

The Offer

The Rewards Group Premium Vineyard Project 2009 will offer Growers the opportunity to grow wine grapes in the well known and highly regarded premium Pemberton appellation. The Project will produce premium quality wine grapes from a mix of both white and red grape varieties.

Why Invest?

Benefits of investing in the Rewards Group Premium Vineyard Project 2009:
The Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation has identified an additional growth opportunity of $4 billion of sales by 2011. Export markets will be the major contributor to this growth.
The Responsible Entity has secured the right to lease 146 hectares of Vineyard located on two properties within the well known Pemberton appellation.
The Responsible Entity and the world's largest wine house, Constellation Brands Inc., have entered into legally binding grape sale and purchase agreements of all the wine grapes produced from the two Pemberton vineyards each year until 2015.
Current indications point to an emerging shortfall in Australian wine grape supplies over the next five years.

Applicants should consider the PDS when released in its entirety in deciding whether or not to apply for units in the Project.

Project Details
ASIC Registered Managed Investment Scheme ARSN 136 404 816
Initial Fee per Grove - $12,800 (inc GST)
Number of Groves on offer - 584
Size of Grove - 0.25 hectares
Project duration - 20 years
A harvest is expected to occur every year including the first year of the Project.
  Product Disclosure Statement PDS
  Supplementary PDS 28Oct09
Project Summary (878kb)
Rewards Group Update May 2009 (41kb)

Ongoing Maintenance Rent

$2,891.45 (inc GST) per Grove payable on or before 1 October 2010 and each year for the term of the Project (indexed each year commencing on 1 October 2011).

Marketing Fees

11% (inc GST) of Growers' share of sales proceeds (after harvesting, packing, sales commission, royalties and sale costs of each harvest).

Insurance is covered by Rewards Projects Ltd in the first year from its own funds. Thereafter, the cost of insurance will be at the Grower's expense and is tax deductible. Although taking out insurance is optional, Growers will be required to maintain insurance to meet obligations imposed as part of arrangements to finance their Grove(s).

How to Subscribe

To become a Grower, you must complete and deliver the Grove Application Form in the PDS along with payment for the subscription monies to Rewards Projects Ltd.

Payment Options

The Initial Fee may be paid in full by cheque or credit card upon application or by using the 12 months interest free loan option. Credit card payments attract merchant fee charges as outlined in the PDS.

Other finance options are available with up to 100% borrowing arrangements. The finance options are of full recourse to the Applicant.

If applying for finance, the Finance Package needs to be completed in full and submitted with your Grove Application Form.

The Finance Package outlining the finance options offered for this Project will be available once the Project opens.

The information herein does not constitute personal investment advice and has been prepared without taking into consideration any particular client’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of this, before acting on any information herein, you should consider whether the advice is appropriate for your objectives, financial situation and needs and consult an independent professional if necessary. You should obtain the PDS or other offer document relating to the Project and consider this before making any decision about whether to invest. The information contained herein is provided in good faith and believed by Rewards Projects Ltd to be accurate at the time of completion. However, it makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of this information. Except to the extent that statutory liability cannot be excluded Rewards Projects Ltd, its directors, employees, associates, related entities, agents, advisers and consultants have no liability (including liability to any person by reason of negligence or negligent mis-statement) for any statements, opinions, information or matters (expressed or implied) arising out of contained in or derived from, or for any omissions from, the information provided herein. Nor do they guarantee the success or performance of any Project, the payment of any return from an investment in any Project, or the taxation consequences of any investment in a Project.

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