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Macquarie Forestry Investment 2010

Macquarie Forestry Investment 2010
Cash Rebate 8.25%
Closing Date CLOSED
Minimum Investment Tree Project: $9,280 (ex GST)
Land Project: $1,500
Term of Project Approximately 11.5 years
Research AAG 4 stars
Adviser Edge 4 stars
ATO Product Ruling 2010/9

Combined farming and investment expertise is the greenhouse for your investment growth

Demonstrating Macquarie's continued commitment to agriculture and confidence in the Australian investment market, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Macquarie Forestry Investment 2010 with new features to provide investors with additional income and security.

Key benefits of investing 
Investment and asset manager you can trust -The Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management team combines significant global farming expertise with the diligence, commitment and rigour of a leading global financial institution.
Ability to invest in the land - The Macquarie Forestry Investment 2010 provides investors with the opportunity to invest not only in the trees, but the land in which the trees grow
Tax effective - potential tax deduction of 100% of investment for eligible investors. ATO Product Ruling 2010/9 received (1)

Investor Protection Features

Product Disclosure Statement
Supplementary PDS 15 Jun 2010
Forestry Calculator
Agriculture: your greenhouse for investment growth

Portfolio Diversification
Astute Accumulators
Joint Investment
Capital Gains Tax
Good Debt Versus Bad Debt
Income Tax Reduction
Security over funds in separate deposit accounts, held with Macquarie Bank Ltd. for the benefit of Investors (2)
2010 Forestry Accounts to fund Tree Project expenses (3)
Land Rental Security Account to fund annual rental payments for Land Trust (4)

100% finance available

Through Macquarie Bank Ltd, investors have the option to borrow up to 100% of the Application Price (subject to approval). Macquarie Bank Ltd is focused on providing accessible finance options at competitive rates. Indicative rates are provided below. Please contact Macquarie for further information. 

Term Repayment Type Indicative interest rate Establishment Fee
1 year Principal only Interest free 1.00% of the loan amount
5 years Principal and interest 10.40% p.a. Nil
7 years Principal and interest 10.90% p.a. Nil

Tree Project 
Minimum investment: $9,280 plus GST per hectare ($2,320 + GST per Interest)
Approx. 11 year term
Four Interests provides access to approx. 1 hectare of eucalyptus plantation
Potential for harvest income from sale of your Timber for use in woodchip production and wood pellet production used as biofuel
Off-take agreement in place for sale of your Timber to be used as woodchips
ATO Product Ruling 2010/9 received (1)
No ongoing payments, apart from annual insurance (6)

Land Trust

Minimum investment: $1,500
$1 per unit:1,500 units provides economic ownership of approximately 1 hectare of plantation land
Additional Units available in hectare blocks ($375 per hectare block)
Potential annual distributions to be paid from rental income earned by the Land Trust (5)
Potential income from sale of land at the term end
(1) The Product Ruling PR 2010/9 issued by the Australian Taxation Office ("ATO") in relation to investments in the Macquarie Eucalypt Project 2010 ("Tree Project") prior to 30 June 2010 is only a ruling on the application of taxation law and is in no way expressly or impliedly a guarantee or endorsement of the commercial viability, soundness or otherwise of the Tree Project as an investment, or of the reasonableness or commerciality of any fees charged in connection with the Tree Project. The ATO does not sanction or guarantee the Tree Project. Any Product Ruling is only binding on the Commissioner of Taxation if the investments are implemented in the specific manner providing the Product Ruling. MAAML, MFPML and the Macquarie Group do not give nor do they purport to give any taxation advice. Any taxation discussion in this document is based on current laws, anticipated legislation and Commonwealth announcements at the time of writing. The application of taxation laws to each investor depends on that investor's individual circumstances. Accordingly investors should seek professional advice on taxation implications before making any investment decisions.
(2) Includes funds deposited together with interest earned on those amounts
(3) Please note, deposited amounts do not include all costs that may be incurred in undertaking obligations to the Tree Project. Please read the PDS for further details
(4) Estimated to be sufficient to cover annual rental payments due from years two to Maturity (inclusive)
(5) Dependant upon the amount of distributions re-invested to meet the loan obligations of the Land Trust
(6) Optional unless the investor borrows from Macquarie bank Ltd

Disclaimer: This information is current as at April 2010 and is provided by Macquarie Alternative Assets Management Limited ABN 30 103 237 181 AFSL 225 758 ("MAAML") and Macquarie Financial Products Management Limited ABN 38 095 135 694 AFSL 237847 ("MFPML"). MAAML is the responsible entity of the Macquarie Eucalypt Project 2010. MFPML is the responsible entity of the Macquarie Timber Land Trust 2010.

An invitation to apply for interests in the Macquarie Eucalypt Project 2010 ("Tree Project") and units in the Macquarie Timber Land Trust 2010 ("Land Trust") are made pursuant to the Macquarie Forestry Investment 2010 Product Disclosure Statement ("PDS") dated 30 April 2010. A copy of the PDS is available above. The loans are offered by Macquarie Bank Limited ABN 46 008 583 542 ("Macquarie") and are subject to approval.

The information contained in this presentation is general information only. It has been prepared without taking account any potential investors' financial situation, objectives or needs and the appropriateness of this information needs to be considered in that context. A person should consider the PDS in deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold, an investment in the Macquarie Forestry Investment 2010.

Investments in the Macquarie Forestry Investment 2010 ("Investment") are not deposits with, or other liabilities of, Macquarie, MAAML, MFPML or any other Macquarie Group company, and are subject to investment risk, including possible delays in repayment and loss of income or capital invested. None of Macquarie, MAAML, MFPML or any other Macquarie Group company guarantees any particular rate of return on, or the performance of, the Investment, nor do any of them guarantee the repayment of capital from the Investments.

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