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Macgrove 2007 Project (2009 Growers)

The Macgrove 2007 Project (2009 Growers)
Cash Rebate 8.25%
Closing Date CLOSED
Minimum Investment $10,000 (ex GST)
Term of Project 19 years, plus two separate extension options
Research Adviser Edge 4 stars
ATO Product Ruling 2009/11 (2009 Growers)


“Adviser Edge believes the operational management team has the required experience to establish and operate the project...”
Adviser Edge, March 2009

The 2007 Macgrove Project is a Premium Agricultural Managed Investment Scheme located in Bundaberg Queensland.

The strengths of the Project are:
Strong long term cash flows
All infrastructure developed and installed on the properties
Trees already up to three years old
Anticipated yield from trees within the next 12 months
Abundant Water Supply-Allocation from Queensland Government Irrigation system, onsite storage dams and pumping rights
Joint Venture alternative (individual and Self Managed Superannuation Fund)
Reverse Joint Venture alternative (Self Managed Superannuation Fund and individual)
Established company with track record
Client options to extend project term
The project has access to sufficient water to irrigate the orchard even in dry years
Maccacorp is an industry leading dedicated macadamia manager
2009 growers save on management fees.
Investors will reap the benefits of:
• early returns;
• 100% tax deductions; and
• A diversified investment portfolio by including an established agribusiness product.
“Up to 16.28% IRR”
Adviser Edge 2009

“Water to the property is supplied by a Queensland Government irrigation scheme...and by three dams and a creek which runs through the property... This gives the total development access to 638MgL or around 5.3MgL/ha which, even in dry years, should be sufficient to water the orchard.”
Independent Experts Report, 2009

“A highly experienced management team supports the Project, and it is expected that the advanced stage of the orchard development (all trees currently planted) will deliver early returns for investors.”
Adviser Edge, 2009

“Adjusted pre tax IRR of 11.54%”
Adviser Edge, 2009

The information contained in this document is general in nature and Maccacorp Limited has not taken into account the particular objectives, financial situation or needs of any person or the suitability of an investment in the 2007 Macgrove Project for any person. Prospective investors must also consider and make their own decision regarding whether an investment in the 2007 Macgrove Project is suitable for their needs.

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