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BioForest Sustainable Timber and Biofuel Project 2007

BioForest has developed a forestry/renewable energy model and process that is unique in the market today. The Company has developed a system whereby a renewable energy fuel resource and a quality wood resource for charcoal can be delivered to the market within 2 to 3 years of planting and a quality sawn wood product can be delivered at shorter rotations of 10 to 15 years. This process provides a dual income to investors in the project.

The Project specifically addresses both the Government’s renewable energy mandated requirements and 2020 vision with the development of ‘hardwood’ plantations for ‘sawn hardwood’.

The BioForest Sustainable Timber and Biofuel Project 2007 has been designed to produce two separate income streams for growers originating from the planting of two individual tree species in a combined plantation.

Synergy of two plantations in one

The Project aims to provide growers with an early, consistent and environmentally sustainable return from;

• The fast growing biomass species (She-oak); and
 • Longer-term returns from the high quality hardwood species (Silky Oak)
 • The species co-habitat in their natural environment and will be planted together in a single plantation.
 • BioForest has developed a unique planting and harvesting format that is designed to optimise growth, yield and plantation management

This unique process improves the potential for attractive returns and provides in-built risk mitigation.

Multiple harvests:

She-oak – Biofuel

The first cash flow is expected to follow harvest and sale of the She-oak approximately 3 years after planting. Further cash flows are expected with the subsequent harvest of the She-oak coppice (it regenerates after re-growth) at projected two yearly intervals thereafter up until the end of year 9 (four harvests).

Silky Oak – Sawn Hardwood

The second and the predominant income stream is derived from the harvest of Silky Oak a high value hardwood timber for sawn timber and veneer.- This second additional cash flow is expected to occur with a partial harvest around year 10 and with a final payment at clearfell at approximately year 15. Refer to PDS page 30 for full details of the Project.

Benefits to you

Tax deduction

100% Tax Deduction (as per ATO Product Ruling above)

Finance available
100% Finance available through two designated independent financiers for application amount and GST component.
12 months interest free instalment payment option available
Higher returns with risk mitigation
Potentially higher returns (refer independent research reports above). The dual species concept allows Growers to participate in products produced for two independent and under supplied uncorrelated markets (energy and hardwood)

Points of Difference
The unique combination of two species in the one plantation provides growers with two separate cash flows derived from:
  1. Biofuel (She-oak) converted to sustainable charcoal, high density pellets and renewable energy
  2. Sawn hardwood and veneer (Silky Oak)
Growers have access to early cash flows throughout the Project’s life span that underpins superior returns to investors
Harvest approx. Year 3 (She-oak) She-oak has rapid coppice regrowth
    Year 5 (She-oak)  
    Year 7 (She-oak)  
    Year 9 (She-oak)  
Thinning   Year 10 (Silky Oak)  
Clearfell   Year 15 (Silky Oak)  

End products (renewable charcoal, Biofuel and hardwood) are specifically targeted for uncorrelated and under supplied domestic and global markets.
Major MoU offtake agreement with Toyota Tsusho, which is one of the world’s largest trading houses
5 year R&D history with significant independent reporting and verification
This Project is not involved in woodchip production for the making of paper
$5000 per Timberlot + GST (half hectare) minimum 2 Timberlots
Project life approximately 15 years

An opportunity to invest
and contribute to the fight to reverse global warming

In a world where man continues to consume our natural forest resources unabated, plantation forestry offers an opportunity for you to give something back to the environment.

The BioForest Sustainable Timber and Biofuel Project 2007 is an investment that provides returns to growers in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Massive depletion of our native forests has not only resulted in land degradation and reduction in supply of a valuable and growing demand commodity, it is also removing the “lungs” that help keep our planet clean. The majority of the scientific community and governments now generally accept the significant adverse impacts of the continuing rise in greenhouse gas emissions and the effect this is having on global warming and climate change.

BioForest introduces a significant step forward in forestry with a system that creates an economically viable method of developing a forest based renewable energy fuel source combined with a sustainable hardwood suitable for furniture manufacture, cabinetry and many other uses.

While the issue is still the subject of much public debate, the general consensus of the scientific community is that the phenomenon of global warming is driven by dramatically growing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) resulting from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil and clearing forests…the BioForest Sustainable Timber and Biofuel Project 2007 has the ability to contribute to C02 abatement in the following ways:
Renewable charcoal as a direct replacement for coking coal
Renewable high density pellets as a replacement for fossil fuels
Renewable energy as a replacement for fossil fuels
Carbon capture in the sustainable sawn timber
Carbon sequestration

BioForest Sustainable Timber and Biofuel Project 2007 - Cash Rebate
Invested (excl GST)
 $10,000 plus 3.00% 2 Units plus

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