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Arafura Pearl 2009 Project

Arafura Pearl 2009 Project
Cash Rebate 6.50%
Closing Date CLOSED
Minimum Investment $12,600 (ex GST)
Term of Project 6.5 years
Research Adviser Edge 4 stars
ATO Product Ruling 2009/16

Scan and email applications to:
Fax to: (08) 9388 6456
by 7:30pm EST time 15 June 2009

Investor Calculator

About Arafura Pearls

Please note that entry into the Project closes by 15 June 2009 and the Project is limited by quota so don’t delay.

Arafura Pearls Holdings Ltd in an ASX Listed (code APB) company with net assets in excess of $46 million as at 30 June 2008. Arafura Pearls has been in operation for more than 8 years and has been harvesting pearls since 2001. Since that time the company has grown to become one of Australia's leading pearling operations.

2009 Project Features
Arafura Pearls has the only MIS in Australia enabling investors (growers) to leverage off its quota and operations and become Australian South Sea pearl producers in their own right.
100% tax deductible investment to be supported by ATO Product Ruling.
Relatively short project life of approx 6.5 years with harvest income in years 5 & 7.
Shell guarantee for first 18 months of the project.
Strong potential commercial returns supported by independent research - leading agribusiness research house Adviser Edge awarded the project 4 stars (out of 5) in 2008.

Why Australian South Seas Pearls?

High value/low volume luxury product
Australian South Seas pearls are the most prestigious and valuable pearls in the world. Australia produces less than 1% of world production by volume but this accounts for more than 30% of world market by value.

Lucrative and mature industry
Australian South Seas pearls is Australia's second largest fisheries export product by value (ABARE, 2007).

High barriers to entry
Production restricted a strict quota system enforced by WA and NT fisheries, and other factors such as a limited number of farm sites.

Competitive advantages over rest of world
The quality and size of the pearl from the Australia native shell, and the isolation and pristine marine environment of Australia's north.

Sales and marketing
Strong demand outlook for this luxury export product as affluence continues to grow in Asia.

What does it cost (ex GST)?
Project Interest (approx 100 seeded shell) $6,300 (minimum of 2 interests)
Ongoing Fees Ongoing management fees deferred and calculated as a % of harvest income for grower convenience.
Shell Insurance Likely to be available at a cost of approx 2% of shell value.
YEARS 0 – 2 YEARS 2 – 4 YEARS 4 – 6 YEAR 7

Selection of suitable juvenile spat & growout for two years until the spat are a suitable size for seeding. Shell guarantee for first 18 months provided by RE.

The oyster shell are seeded two years after commencement and the shell are regularly maintained over the following two years.

The first harvest for the project occurs four years after commencement. Suitable shell are re-seeded, and the shell continue to be maintained. Income from the first project harvest is distributed to growers.

The second and final harvest for the project occurs. Income from the final harvest is distributed to growers and project concludes.

This document is a summary only.

This document contains general financial product advice only and does not take into account investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. Before investing you should assess the suitability of the investment to your needs, consider the PDS in its entirety and consult professional licensed advisers.

No person or corporation associated with Arafura Pearls Holdings Limited (AFSL 296246) guarantees, warrants or underwrites the performance of the Arafura Pearl Project 2009 or any particular return. While we believe that the information set out above is correct at the time of compilation, no warranty of accuracy or reliability or completeness is given to any information contained in this publication and no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever arising in any way for any representation, act or omission, whether express or implied (including responsibility to any person by reason of negligence) is accepted by Arafura Pearls, its directors, employees, agents and third party information providers.

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