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AIL Red Ironbark 2009 Project

AIL Red Ironbark 2009 Project
Cash Rebate 8.25%
Closing Date CLOSED
Minimum Investment $4,454 (ex GST)
Term of Project 22 years
Research Adviser Edge 3 stars
ATO Product Ruling 2009/42

2009 AIL Red Ironbark Project

A unique opportunity to invest in a sustainable environmental future and receive the financial rewards from producing high value beautiful Australian timber.

Help grow a cleaner brighter future and grow your investment.


AIL is pleased to offer investors the opportunity to become a Grower in Australia’s first ever Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) Red Ironbark Project. These tough Australian native trees will be grown in their natural environment and allow investors to participate in an environmentally sound investment with the potential for multiple returns.

You plant Red Ironbark trees on land dominated by Red Ironbark forests before European settlement.
You plant trees that absorb significant amounts of greenhouse gas and store carbon. For example one woodlot will offset the carbon emissions of an average family car.
You plant trees superbly adapted to grow well in Australia’s harsh climate and gravelly soils.
The harvesting of your trees helps preserve the remaining native forests.

Becoming a grower of Red Ironbark trees will help restore the Australian bush landscape. Ironbark trees can be grown on land that has been degraded by generations of grazing. By growing Red Ironbark trees in areas of low rainfall, where they are native, the environment can be rejuvenated after generations of intensive farming. Ironbark plantation forestry increases oxygen levels and counteracts the trend of global warming by absorbing carbon emissions. Ironbark timber is a high value Class 1 durability timber making it a superior material that stands the test of time. Structural timbers produced from the trees continue to hold sequestered carbon and thereby maintain the environmental benefits.
Good forestry management requires regular thinning and harvesting - you should receive 5 cheques from us spread over the life of the project.
Red Ironbark produces highly attractive Class 1 durability timber* - a high value timber.
You own the saw logs well into the value add chain giving more profit from your woodlots.
Even the “waste products” have significant value and will be purchased from you.
Your single up front payment is immediately 100% tax deductible.
*Class 1 durable timber – refers to resistance to biological attack (eg: rot and insects).
As Red Ironbark is prized by architects and builders the timber that will be harvested from your plantation will command a high value. Our 2009 surveyed price for green rough sawn timber was $1,250 per cubic metre. You will own your saw logs right up to the point that they are milled into green sawn timber. This means you share in the handsome benefits achieved through the value add process and this adds to the potential returns achieved by you. Your Red Ironbark plantation will grow better with regular thinning of the forest by harvesting selected trees. Each harvest yields successively larger saw logs which increases the potential for financial returns over time. We expect to thin and harvest after only 8 years with subsequent harvests in the 11th, 14th and 17th years and the final harvest in the 22nd year.


trees planted year 8 year 11 year 14 year 17 year 22
1000 seedlings planted per hectare (two woodlots). 470 trees thinned. 100 trees selected and harvested. 100 larger trees selected and harvested. 100 big trees selected and harvested. Final harvest.
  Thinned trees are expected to produce 25 high value saw logs and an estimated 6 tonnes of fire wood. Firewood is actively promoted by governments as the only carbon neutral fuel for domestic heating. The 100 saw logs are converted to flooring and structural timbers. The 100 saw logs are converted to decking, flooring and large structural timbers. The 100 saw logs are converted to decking, flooring and large structural timbers. Saw logs go to a wide range of architectural, furniture and structural uses.
  The saw logs are converted to structural timber for such uses as architectural stair treads. In addition the waste from the harvest will produce an estimated 8 tonnes of firewood. From this harvest the estimated firewood is 17 tonnes. An estimated 29 tonnes of firewood. An estimated 116 tonnes of firewood.
Grower Application Fee is 100% tax deductible.
Minimum investment is $4,900 (incl. GST) for 0.5 hectare woodlot.
No ongoing Grower payments for Management and Lease fees.
Insurance is compulsory for the first 8 years to cover fire and wind damage.
Potential Income earned from thinnings at Years 8, 11, 14, 17 and clearfell at Year 22.
You own the saw logs until they are milled and converted into high value green rough sawn timber.
100% finance available.

Almond Investors Limited (ABN: 13 102 342 870, AFSL 224314) (“AIL”) is the Responsible Entity of the 2009 AIL Red Ironbark Project ASRN 135 360 020. This document contains general information associated with the 2009 AIL Red Ironbark Project only. It does not take into consideration the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any prospective Investor. Prospective Investors should read the Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) and consult an independent financial advisor before deciding whether to invest in the Project. The PDS can also be downloaded from here (when available). Any estimates in this document should not be taken as forecasts. Actual results may differ significantly from those estimated. AIL believes that the information in this document is accurate as at the date of production but is not responsible for any loss or damage which anyone may suffer from reliance on this document. The source for estimates of carbon sequestation is available at

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