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AIL Almond Orchard Project 2009

AIL Almond Orchard Project 2009
Cash Rebate 8.25%
Closing Date CLOSED
Minimum Investment $6,909 (Ex GST)
Term of Project 17 years (Grower Project)
30 years (Asset Trust)
Research Adviser Edge 3 stars
  Lonsec Recommended
ATO Product Ruling 2009/29

Fax applications to:
(03) 9629 1944
by close of business (EST) 15th June 2009

A Unique Agribusiness Investment

An opportunity to own the Almond Orchard, become a Grower and participate in the expanding and profitable Australian Almond Industry.

Project Summary
AIL Response to Timbercorp & Great Southern Voluntary Liquidations
Cash is King

Strong demand for almonds with world consumption growing.
A recent survey of US consumers showed an increasing awareness of the positive health benefits which continues to push demand to include almonds in a range of products.
Strong recommendations from medical authorities to include almonds as a component of your regular diet.

The trend in almond prices has been steadily increasing due to the rising world demand.
The price earned by Australian producers is largely governed by the world almond price and the AUD/USD exchange rate.
Almondco Australia Ltd (our Processing and Marketing Agent) exports a significant proportion of its annual throughput to a wide range of countries. This helps to build the reputation of Australian quality production and increase international demand so that as Australian production rises export markets are available.

Almonds are a valued food source in a large number of countries and cultures.
Almonds are a core ingredient in a large number of foods and snacks that we all enjoy each day - breakfast cereals, snack bars, cakes, muffins, confectionary - and of course they taste good on their own.


100% deduction - Grower Application Fee is 100% tax deductible
Ongoing deductions - for Irrigation infrastructure write off, Growing and Management fees and Lease fees
17 Year Project term - The Grower Project ends after 17 years and then all Almond proceeds are paid to the Asset Trust
Finance options - Finance for the Application and ongoing costs is available
Orchard proceeds - the Grower receives orchard proceeds for the 17 year term of the lease

OWN not RENT - Asset Ownership via the Asset Trust:
WATER - a valuable resource with a rising capital value
LAND and TREES - the Land and Trees that form the Orchard
Initial outlay Nil - achieved through AIL’s unique Asset Trust structure
Distributions - the Lease fee paid by the Grower (and tax deductible to the Grower) flows to the Asset Trust and supports annual distributions
Full Orchard proceeds - from Year 18 (when the Grower leases have ended) all the orchard proceeds flow to the Asset Trust and support distributions
Capital gain - when assets are sold (at Project end) any capital gain is received as a distribution


The 2009 AIL Almond Orchard Project is a unique combination of 2 different arrangements, the Grower Scheme and the Asset Trust. This is done so that Investors can benefit from ownership of the orchard assets by owning units in the Asset Trust and receive significant financial benefits that flow from OWNING not RENTING.

The Grower Scheme operates via leases held by the Grower over the orchard assets. This gives rise to the tax deductibility of fees and an income stream from the orchard for the 17 year term of the leases.

After this time, the almond trees still have a significant period of economic life. All the future production flows to the Asset Trust and is received by Investors via an annual distribution. Units in the Asset Trust can be owned by a different entity than the Grower - such as a superannuation fund which may enable an efficient tax position.

The assets held in the Asset Trust - WATER RIGHTS, LAND and TREES have real economic value and any sale of these assets (at the end of the Project) may give rise to a gain that will be distributed to the owners.

Project management experience - AIL has developed orchards valued at over $180M.
Product Ruling PR 2009/29 - provides confidence and certainty for Growers regarding tax deductibility.
Asset Ownership - why rent the orchard when you can own it?
Modern Water Management - the most up to date irrigation systems and the application of new almond research helps ensure commercial production even in drier conditions.

Almond Investors Limited (ABN: 13 102 342 870, AFSL 224314) (“AIL”) is the Responsible Entity of the 2009 AIL Almond Orchard Project. This document contains general information associated with 2009 AIL Almond Orchard Project only. It does not take into consideration the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any prospective Investor. Prospective Investors should read the Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) and consult an independent financial advisor before deciding whether to invest in the Project. A copy of the PDS can be downloaded above.
Any estimates in this document should not be taken as forecasts. Actual results may differ significantly from those estimated. AIL believes that the information in this document is accurate as at the date of production but is not responsible for any loss or damage which anyone may suffer from reliance on this document. The Project is a long term investment and will be subject to the risks generally associated with commercial almond production, processing and marketing. You should carefully consider the risks associated with the Project, outlined in the PDS, before making any investment decision. No person, or corporation associated with AIL makes any representation regarding the performance of the Project or warrants, guarantees or underwrites the performance of the Project.

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