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Only 6 apartments in Mordialloc, one of Melbourne’s most established bayside suburbs.
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Trilogy first Mortgage Income Trust

The Trilogy First Mortgage Income Trust average annualised rate for the month ended March 2012 was 9.18% p.a.

7 Reasons to Consider the Trilogy First Mortgage Income Trust

  • Monthly income distributions
  • Reliable redemption process
  • Registered first mortgages only
  • Transparent product structure
  • Experienced management team
  • Paid full distributions throughout the GFC
  • Met all redemptions throughout the GFC

Investment Objective

  • To generate a quality income stream with enhanced capital security for investors
  • To provide a portfolio of registered first mortgages with regular monthly income for investors

Investment Strategy

To identify mortgage investment opportunities within Australia while providing diversification through a pooled investment strategy across a range of property sectors
Feature Summary Trilogy first Mortgage Income Trust
Capital Loss Insurance Yes
Registered First Mortgages Only Yes
Income Distributions Monthly
Minimum Initial Investment $5000
Independent Research Report Yes

Rebate Nil Entry Fee
Fund Inception 19 Feb 2007
Minimum Investment $5,000
Product Disclosure Statement
Disclosure Document
Adviser Edge Research
Aegis Research Recommended
Atchison Research Recommended

Trust Features

Product Features

Attractive Yield
Trilogy Funds Management has a proven track record of providing an attractive yield to investors. The Trilogy first Mortgage Income Trust aims to provide a return of 8.5% p.a. (net of all fees) to investors.

Registered First Mortgages
All mortgage investments made by the Trust are registered first mortgages only and must comply with LVR (loan to value ratio) requirements as prescribed in the PDS.

Unique Trust Structure
The aim of the Trust structure is to ensure that the yield on “invested” funds is not diluted by new cash inflows. Please refer to the PDS for further details.

Management & Investment Expertise
Trilogy has a disciplined management team experienced in establishing and managing property related investments including mortgage funds and property syndications. Please refer to the PDS for additional detail.

Flexible Investment Terms
The initial investment is $5000 and the minimum subsequent investment is only $1000.
 • The minimum withdrawal is $1000.
 • During the first 12 months of an investment, an exit fee applies to the Trilogy first Mortgage Income Trust.

Other Features
Redemption flexibility – funds are available within 7 days of receipt of a completed withdrawal form subject to the terms as specified in the PDS (up to 2% in the first 12 months).
Distributions are calculated daily and paid monthly.
 • Investors receive monthly income from the Trust subject to the terms specified in the PDS.

Who is Trilogy Capital Group
Trilogy Funds Management Limited (AFSL 261425) is the Responsible Entity for the Trilogy Capital Group.
 • Trilogy Capital is a specialist mortgage and property.

* IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This information is issued by Trilogy Funds Management Limited (AFSL 261425) and is dated October 2007. Applications can only be made on the application forms in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). This information provides general information only and does not take into account any of your personal circumstances or seek to provide a personal recommendation to you. If you require advice on the suitability of this investment, you should consult a qualified and licensed financial adviser so a full needs analysis can be undertaken. Investors should ensure that they read the PDS in full prior to lodging any applications. The targeted variable yield for the first Mortgage Income Trust is an anticipated rate for the next 6 months based on economic conditions current at the date of this information sheet. The Investment yields are affected by a number of factors and will vary over time. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Forecast yields are uncertain and rely on assumptions. Potential investors should evaluate the “Risks” section of the PDS. The Management Expense Ratio does not include fees paid by the Borrower to the Manager.