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Instreet Link DPA ASX200 Series XIII-XIV

Instreet Link DPA ASX200 Series XIII - XIV
Rebate 1%
Closing Date CLOSED
Minimum Investment $7,450.00
Research   Lonsec Recommended

Access upside growth potential of the Australian stock market.

Instreet Link DPA ASX200 is an investment in a Deferred Purchase Agreement (DPA). The investment aims to provide investors with access to growth in the Australian stock market in return for a one off upfront payment. The performance of the DPA is linked to the upside performance of the Australian stock market as measured by the S&P/ASX 200 Price Return Index (S&P ASX 200 Index), subject to a specified return Cap for each Series.

An investment in the Instreet Link S&P ASX 200 DPA may suit you if you:

** Instreet strongly recommend you use Australian Post Platinum Express post envelope.  Standard express post has been known to take over 3 days.

Platinum Express are posted in the same yellow boxes as standard express post.

Please call Instreet on 1300 546 678 to avoid disappointment, they are there to help.

Seek exposure to the Australian stock market for a cost which is a fraction of your notional exposure (eg, $14,900 provides $100,000 exposure for 2 years).
Intend to buy and hold for a maximum term of 2 years, or 3 years.
Do not want ongoing payments.
Want an investment with a defined outcome, on both the upside and downside, where losses are limited to your initial investment amount and gains are limited to the defined Cap level.
Seek an investment which can be used as a portfolio rebalancing tool.
Seek an investment which is suitable for self managed superannuation funds, companies, trusts or individuals.

There two are Series options with different Cap levels and terms:
Indicative Cap 27%-28.5%1 – 2 year term
Indicative Cap 45%-47%2 – 3 year term
The actual Cap will be set on the Issue Date. It may be more or less than the indicative Cap shown.

1 The minimum Cap for this is 27%. If the actual Cap is below 27%, the issue of Units will not proceed and your investment will be refunded without interest. The actual Cap will be set on the Issue Date of the Units. It may be more or less than the indicative Cap shown.
2 The minimum Cap for this is 45%. If the actual Cap is below 45%, the issue of Units will not proceed and your investment will be refunded without interest. The actual Cap will be set on the Issue Date of the Units. It may be more or less than the indicative Cap shown.

Benefits and Features

The Instreet Link DPA ASX200 seek to provide you with the following potential benefits and features:

Access upside growth potential of the Australian stock market
The Instreet Link DPA ASX200 offers an investor the opportunity to access the potential upside growth of the Australian stock market subject to a Cap. This investment exposure is subject to risks, limitations and conditions, please read the product disclosure statement for further information.

One off upfront payment
The Link DPA ASX200 provides exposure to the Australian stock market for an Issue Price which is a fraction of the size of the Notional Exposure of the investment. An investor’s potential financial loss is limited to their initial investment.

Simple Documentation
Investors may access by completing the Application Form attached to the PDS.

S&P ASX 200 Index Price Index
The S&P ASX 200 Index, is widely followed and is designed to be a gauge for the Australian stock market and covers approximately 78% of Australian stock market capitalisation being the top 200 ASX listed companies by market capitalisation.
The index is calculated by Standard & Poor’s.


Investment Term 2 years or 3 years
Buy-Back Dates Quarterly, 6 months after units are issued on the last business day of March, June, September and December.
Investors must lodge their Buy-Back request no later than 10 business days before the relevant Buy-Back Date.
Minimum Underlying Exposure $25,000
Reference Index S&P ASX 200 Price Index

3 This timetable is indicative only. The Issuer may, in its discretion, extend or shorten the offer period without prior notice. If this happens, all dates may vary. If the Issuer varies the offer period it may post a notice on the website informing Applicants of the change at

Delivery Asset
The Final Value will be satisfied by the physical delivery of the Delivery Parcel of stocks listed on the ASX. Investors may choose to enter into an agency agreement to have the Delivery Parcel sold on their behalf – in this case the investors will then receive monies with a value equivalent to the Final Value.

The Delivery Parcel is a basket containing equal proportions of ordinary shares in each of the following companies:

Company ASX Code Website
BHP Billiton Limited BHP
Commonwealth Bank of Australia CBA
Wesfarmers Limited WES
Westpac Banking Corporation WBC
Woolworths Limited WOW

In the event one or more of the above companies are no longer listed on the ASX or suspended from trading, the Calculation Agent shall either select a replacement company listed on the ASX or the Issuer shall determine that the basket shall contain only the companies not impacted by such occurrence. Information and announcements on shares comprising the Delivery Asset is also available on the ASX website (, the websites in the table above and major newspapers and other information services. The performance of Units is not directly affected by the performance of the securities comprising the Delivery Asset up to the Maturity Date, but after the Maturity Date, the value of those securities will be determined by the price of the security as traded on the ASX.

Completed application forms can be sent to:

Instreet Investment Limited
Royal Exchange NSW 1225

Important Information

This Document has been prepared by Instreet Investment Limited ACN 128 813 016 (Instreet), an Authorised Representative of EA Financial, LP ACN 971 745 471, AFSL 246801, and is current as at 2 February 2009. Instreet is the Arranger for the Instreet Link Series S&P ASX 200 and ASIA 50 Index Linked Deferred Purchase Agreements (Instreet LINK DPA ASX200 and ASIA 50).

Advisers only: The information in this Document is confidential and provided to holders of an Australian financial services license or their representatives only. It must not be reproduced, distributed or disclosed to any other person. The information may be based on assumptions or market conditions and may change without notice. This may impact the accuracy of the information. In no circumstances is the information in this Document to be used by, or presented to, a person for the purposes of making a decision about a financial product or class of products.

Issuer and PDS: The Instreet LINK DPA ASX200 and ASIA 50 product is issued by Instreet Structured Investment Pty Ltd ACN 140 407 558, (ISI) and the issue is arranged by Instreet. The Instreet LINK DPA ASX200 and Asia 50 is offered in a product disclosure statement dated on or around the 2 February 2010 (PDS). The PDS is available above. In deciding whether to acquire or continue to hold and investment investors should obtain the PDS and consider its contents.

General advice warning: The information contained in this Document is general information only. It has been prepared without taking account any potential investors’ financial situation, objectives or needs and the appropriateness of this information needs to be considered in that context. Advisers must form their own views on whether the Instreet LINK DPA ASX200 and Asia 50 is appropriate after considering their clients’ objectives, financial situation and needs. We recommend you seek your own legal and taxation advice.

No responsibility or liability is accepted by Instreet or any third party who has contributed to this Document for any of the information contained herein or for any action taken by you or any of your officers, employees, agents or associates.

Past performance:
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.


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